Pay As You Go Bolt-ons

One-off bolt-ons are ideal for having a set of tasks carried out in one go

2 Hours

£150 + VAT (£75/hr)

5 Hours

£375 + VAT (£75/hr)

10 Hours

£750 + VAT (£75/hr)

20 Hours

£1500 + VAT (£75/hr)

Pay As You Go bolt-on hours can only be used for tasks they are purchased for

Monthly Bolt-ons

All monthly bolt-ons come with weekly site maintenance, uptime monitioring and vulnerabilities checks. You can also use these bolt-ons to have
ad hoc tasks carried out as and when needed. We will deduct the hours spent on each set of tasks from your monthly alloted hours.

2 Hours

£190 + VAT (£95/hr)

5 Hours

£475 + VAT (£95/hr)

10 Hours

£950 + VAT (£95/hr)

Unused Monthly bolt-on hours can not be carried forward to a following month. You can cancel at any time.

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