Our Team of Healthcare Marketing Experts

Health is at the heart of what we do at One Vision Health, which really makes us distinct from other digital content and delivery companies. Our unique team combines expertise across technology, marketing and creative, health education content.

  • Samuel Beavan

    Samuel Beavan

    Founder / CEO

    With the aim of providing leading creative and technology services for UK and international health organisations, Sam founded One Vision Health in 2009.

    Sam’s mission is to help patients and doctors make better decisions through personalised and simplified education content. He is particularly excited by the role of mobile video and cloud technology to transform health education and information delivery.

    One Vision Cloud was set up in 2018 as a software licensing division, culminating with the launch of Answerpack Health and E-Passport.

  • Isabel Buettner

    Isabel Buettner

    Head Of Digital Projects
  • Wunmi


    Digital Account Manager
  • Abi Jackson

    Abi Jackson

    Contributing Writer

    Freelance copywriter and editor Abi regularly works with with us on content campaigns. With more than a decade’s experience as a journalist specialising in health and wellbeing, including a five-year stint as Features Editor at PA Media, Abi knows what it takes to create content that truly engages – whether that’s blogs, reports or new material for your website and digital marketing campaigns.

  • James Kirk

    Patient Engagement Manager

    James is responsible for promoting One Vision Health’s video education marketing model to potential new clients, both in the UK and globally. As well as playing a key role in our own brand and marketing efforts, he supports the team in managing patient engagement and video campaigns.

  • Nick Dockerty

    Nick Dockerty

    Head Of SEO

    Nick helps our clients leverage the latest digital marketing channels for brand awareness and growth. With a wealth of experience across content strategy and copywriting, as well as specialist interest in all things SEO and digital, he plays a pivotal role in our promise to help healthcare businesses and organisations stand out online. Nick’s especially passionate about reviewing and implementing the latest web 2.0 tools to develop user-interfaces that encourage user-feedback and provide for a positive user experience.

  • Hamid


    Channel Marketing Manager

    With a background in neuroscience, Hamid assists the team with the content planning stages and video editing, right through to SEO campaigns to help our clients grow their brands and realise their potential via the Answerpack platform – all underpinned by his passion for creating rich learning experiences for patients.

  • Phil Young

    Phil Young

    Creative Director

    With numerous roles within leading design & advertising agencies under his belt, Phil has the pleasure of working with some of the best creative talent in the industry. He helps our clients solve their design problems, intelligently filtered with intuitive visual awareness, constantly striving to unearth new ways to meet your goals and create more impact.

  • David Amos

    David Amos

    Systems Analyst

    David specialises in the development of commercial business cloud applications and works as a Systems Analyst to develop Cloud Applications to specified requirements. He’s helped One Vision Health develop bespoke Cloud Applications for companies requiring their own dedicated cloud Apps, with inter-platform data exchange (APIs) & SMS alerts as required.

  • Annesley Newholme

    Lead Developer

    Annesley’s approach to software creation is to understand the tools to a great depth, researching all options, and ensuring the most appropriate and effective tools are implemented. This includes vital foundation work like regularly reading the RFCs on www.org and looking under the bonnet of programming language systems, invariably helping save time and money along the way.

  • Ben Jacobson

    Video Director

    Ben has been creating videos for over 15 years for blue chip companies, including a wide range of healthcare providers. His creative style and technical production values ensure that any content created communicates the intended message to its intended audience.

  • Dr Kathryn Senior

    Head Of Medical Copy

    Experienced medical writer, Dr Kathryn Senior is invaluable when it comes to dealing with meaty health education content, ensuring copy is spot-on in terms of both readability and medical accuracy. Having worked closely with consultants across all major disciplines, plus health insurance companies, she’s well placed to tackle any healthcare topic, including research, interviewing and fact-checks, and advising on ways to improve the patient journey on our clients’ websites.