Healthcare PPC

PPC means ‘pay per click’, a form of digital advertising that can help brands attract traffic to their websites and boost patient enquiries.

As healthcare digital marketing agency and content specialists, at One Vision Health we work with a wide range of healthcare and dental businesses and organisations, many of which opt to boost their growth through clever healthcare PPC

While healthcare SEO is all about increasing website traffic and enquiries organically, PPC for healthcare brands provides the opportunity to directly elevate your website’s position across both search and social media platforms for a fee. 

Healthcare PPC still needs to be highly strategic, though. At One Vision Health, we believe all campaigns should be approached on an individual case by case basis, so that your marketing strategy specifically suits your organisation’s needs and goals. We can advise on how to approach PPC healthcare advertising, which routes will best suit your goals, and ensure the right strategy is employed in order for the ads to be visible to the right people at the right times. Data-led insights can help ensure your PPC ads are reaching their potential, and also make it possible to track their success.  

We believe successful PPC campaigns should also tie seamlessly with the rest of your approach to marketing. As digital healthcare marketing specialists, we know how important branding is within the healthcare field for building trust, engaging with audiences and standing out from the crowd. This means it’s important that all paid-for ads also fully embody your brand’s core values and tone of voice. 

Whether you are interested in a short-term PPC campaign, want to incorporate it into a wider goal to promote new services or a revamped website, or you are simply looking to boost your online presence quickly, we can help devise a PPC healthcare strategy that best works for you.


  • Based on thorough analysis of your target audience
  • Focused on Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Designed to fit seamlessly into your overall marketing strategies
  • Created to enhance user experiences for visitors to your site
  • Purposeful and measurable, so we can tell you how well they’re working

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