Healthcare Branding Strategies

Outlining your services is easy. But what you offer is so much more than a list of procedures and prices and for patients, this is just a small part of the picture.

What really matters is your brand. Not just the services you’re offering, but how you come across and connect with clients; your values, ethos and edge, and how these are perceived by audiences. Your brand matters, and telling your brand story matters – because if you tell it well, people will remember it.

At One Vision Health, healthcare branding strategies are at the centre of everything we do.

If you are unsure of your brand, or how to best convey it, as healthcare communication specialists, we understand how vital it is to get this right. Brand creation and development is as much an emotional journey for us as it is for our clients, and creating an engaging brand platform that connects with your target audience is the first step in creating effective healthcare content that achieves its goals. 

Every business or organisation’s brand is unique to them but in healthcare, certain elements are vital – such as building a sense of trust and reliability, conveying sometimes complex and sensitive information in a clear and engaging way, and being empathetic to the patient journey. We can work with you to identify your core brand values, and develop healthcare branding strategies that consistently convey and build on these values at all times.

Whether you need a slick new logo, name for your medical practice, support creating a value proposition – or simply want to evolve your approach to audience engagement and become more visible, working on your brand is the single most important investment anyone can make in business, so we know getting it right is essential.

Brand Positioning and Tone of Voice

Brand positioning is essentially all about how your brand identity is perceived by your target audience, and what sets you apart from competitors. Once we’ve helped established your brand identity and positioning, we’ll devise a Tone of Voice document to capture and summarise everything your brand is about, and all the key messages you want to get across. From here, we can map out campaigns and content plans that consistently tell your brand story in the best possible ways.


  • Working closely with clients every step of the way
  • Really getting under the skin of what you’re all about
  • Identifying the core values that sum up your brand
  • Ensuring your brand and goals work hand-in-hand
  • Coming up with clear, creative ways to elevate your brand

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