3D Medical Animation Videos

Animations can be a great way to help explain medical procedures and convey health education information to patients and audiences.

At One Vision Health, 3D medical animation videos are one of a number of ways we help healthcare clients build their brands and strengthen their engagement online through video.  

We believe the best approach to communication is one that’s clear, simple and engaging. Video is one of the most important forms of content currently and can be an extremely powerful marketing tool when used effectively. 3D medical animations not only add a more visually creative and interesting edge to your content, but they can really help get the message across – quickly and clearly. This can be especially effective when it comes to conveying quite complex or sensitive medical and healthcare information. Animation creates scope to simplify messaging and explain things faster through visuals and graphics. It also enables us to harness the precise tone you want to achieve. 

3D medical animations can also be a great way to capture your brand’s personality, resulting in content that’s sharable and can potentially be used time and time again in future marketing campaigns. 

In short, when well executed, medical animation videos can have big impact.

How can we help?

With full access to a robust library of 2D medical explainer animations and 3D medical animations, at One Vision Health, we can incorporate these tools into your wider video and social campaigns, and across all areas of your content and marketing strategy.


  • Expert 3D graphics and animation
  • Medical illustrations and storyboards
  • Clinically approved content
  • Library of 200 + video animations
  • Health content team
  • Managed video marketing campaigns
  • Translations and subtitles

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