Professor Fares S Haddad

  • PROJECT :Website & Patient Portal
  • MARKET :Private Orthopaedic Clinic

Professor Fares S Haddad is an Orthopaedic Consultant Surgeon specialising in the treatment of lower limb conditions mainly knee and hip surgery. He also treats various national and international athletes from a variety of sporting disciplines including rugby and football.

Fares S Haddad approached us to develop a premium brand to promote their new team of specialist doctors across London. They were looking for new ways to attract and engage with more patients. They also wanted the site to act as an information source for medical information. Therefore, we created an informative and modern website to meet the client’s patients’ needs. The SEO optimised website drives traffic and creates awareness of Fares S Haddad’s brand. In particular, the site has extensive information about hip and knee surgery and is a trusted source. 

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