Phoenix Hospital Group

  • CLIENT :Weymouth Street Hospital
  • PROJECT :Website & Patient Portal
  • MARKET :Hospital Web design

Weymouth Street Hospital is part of the Phoenix Hospital Group. Situated between Harley Street and Marylebone High Street in the heart of Central London, the Hospital provides a wide range of medical procedures in modern surroundings.

We have developed a complete rebrand for Weymouth Street Hospital and have delivered two websites that truly reflect their place as a premium brand in healthcare. The websites include a latest news feed and consultant search feature. The website also makes excellent use of photography to showcase the beautifully designed patient bedrooms and modern facilities. Added to these visuals, is the wide range of trusted, medically accurate information available to patients about their options, which empowers them to make better decisions for themselves. In addition, we have developed a secure cloud management service that is being used for storing and retrieving patient data and information from referrers. We are continuing to assist with website management and online marketing. 

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