Use LinkedIn to grow your practice

Article by Sam Beavan

aside-icon Sam Beavan

With so many social media websites on the internet now, it can be difficult to know which one to choose, as well as having the time to understand exactly what each site does, and how it can help businesses. However, there’s one social media site in particular that can help you to grow your business, and that’s LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a great tool to drive traffic to your site, as it’s a social media website where you can create a profile and then connect to people, whether it be colleagues from hospitals or clinics you’ve worked for, or current clients and suppliers. With a lot of direct business to be found from LinkedIn, it’s a great website for growing your business.

A few of areas to consider include:

Blogs – With LinkedIn allowing users to add their blog to their profile page you can bring in relevent content from other sites, and make it accessible through your profile page. Helping to drive more traffic to your blog, this app adds something different to your profile, setting you apart from the millions of other professionals on the social media website.

Videos – If you’re really looking to make your profile something special, then you should definitely make the most of the video app, which means that when people visit your profile, they see a video as apposed to a static profile picture. By hearing your voice you are welcoming those who visit your page and encouraging them to check back.

Books – Whilst there are many business-minded people that write blogs, and who consequently bring out a book of their blog, LinkedIn allows members of the website to promote their book through the site, whilst also driving traffic to their LinkedIn profile. Or, if you haven’t brought your own book out, you can still use this app to promote the types of books you like to read instead, as it directly links through to Amazon. Again, this is a great way to bring your profile alive, rather than simply listing each book you like.

Twitter – It’s also now possible to link your Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile, meaning that you’ve got double the chance of having your updates retweeted, with the potential of having double the amount of people seeing your updates. Helping you to use twitter and LinkedIn together, this app saves time and means that whether you post an update on either site, it’s fed through to both.

Events – If you’re business is hosting a nationwide event or conference that you want to tell everyone about, in order to attract attention for it, then posting details of the event on LinkedIn is a great way to do exactly that. By being able to see how many people have responded, the event app gives you an idea of what you can expect the turnout of the event to be.


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