What Is Google Ads Grant And How Can It Help Medical Charities?

Article by One Vision Health


Heard about Google Ads Grant, but not entirely sure what it means and how it works? It’s basically a program developed by Google that distributes free advertising to approved nonprofit and charity organisations. A single medical nonprofit organisation could potentially receive up to $10,000 (around £7,500) in free monthly advertising, equating to a total £90,000 a year spent on Google advertising. 

The crucial questions are though: How do you know if you’re eligible, how do you apply for Google Ads Grant, and what are the terms and conditions once you’ve got it? 

In theory, it’s quite straightforward. You apply, and once you get approved you can start advertising with free money on the Google Ads platform. However, there are specific eligibility criteria to meet – along with a list of conditions you’ll need to meet in order to maintain your account once approved. Otherwise, your account might get suspended and you’ll lose the funding.

medical charity using free advertising form google

While it is possible to do this yourself providing you have the time and resource, we know this can be tricky for many organisations. This is why One Vision Health offers clients assistance with managing their Google Ads Grant accounts – so you can ensure your organisation continues to benefit from this free advertising boost.

Here’s a closer step-by-step look at how medical charities can get free advertising money to help their cause.

Is your charity eligible for Google Ads Grant?

To be eligible for Google Ads Grant:

  • You must have a valid charity status.
  • Your charity must be based in one of these countries.
  • You must acknowledge and agree to Google’s required certifications regarding nondiscrimination and donation receipt and use.
  • You must have a website for the charity with substantial and compelling content to which the Google ads can be linked. You can not send traffic to your Facebook page, YouTube page or any other domain.
  • You must maintain a high-quality website. That means good site speed, good user experience, active https, etc.
  • You must be a participant in Google For Nonprofits.

Register for Google For Nonprofits

If you think you are eligible for Google Ads Grant, the first step is to register for a validation token, which means making sure you’re signed up with the Google For Nonprofits program. The main purpose here is to help ensure the latest internet tools are used to get resources to medical charities at a fair price. Simply follow the prompts on the Google For Nonprofits page then register by agreeing to the terms and conditions (this may take up to 30 days). Once validated, you can log in and get the token required to proceed to the next steps.

medical charity advertising on google for free because of Google Ad Grants for Charities

Apply for Google Ads Grant

Once Google accepts you as a nonprofit organisation, you can apply for the Google Ads Grant right away. Following steps on the Google Ads Grant website, you’ll be prompted to create a Google Ads Grant account and then complete and submit a pre-qualification survey. You, or whoever will be managing your campaigns, will also need to complete the Google Ads Grant training – which involves watching a short video, reading through the program policies and then completing a brief quiz.

Your account will then be submitted for pre-qualification review. You should then receive an email from Google Ads Grant within 5 working days. After this, you can proceed to the next steps of creating your first Google Ads Grant campaign. 

How to stay qualigied for Google Ads Grant 

In some ways, staying qualified can be far trickier than getting the initial grant. In order to ensure funds aren’t being wasted, the program requires a certain level of engagement and results to be constantly maintained – otherwise your account can be suspended and you’ll lose the PPC funding. 

Here are some of the requirements for staying approved:

  • Maximum $2 bid, unless you’re using Maximize Conversions Strategy, which optimises for conversions and allows you to bid over $2 for a specific keyword.
  • You need to maintain an average minimum click-through rate (CTR) of 5%. If two months go by and your CTR is below 5%, your ads account will get suspended.
  • You must respond to every Google survey, so you’ll need to make sure the email you registered with is being regularly monitored, otherwise your account could get suspended. 
  • You must update the account often, at least once every 90 days minimum. 
  • You need to have specific geo-targeting; you can’t target every single country.
  • Every campaign must include a minimum of two active ad groups, two active text ads, two sitelinks and two ad extensions.
  • You must ensure your keyword quality is decent, maintaining a minimum keyword quality of 3/10. Also, you can’t use branded, single, or generic keywords.
  • Conversion tracking needs to be set up and maintained. Google policy does not require a specific number of conversions, but tracking needs to be quite specific. 

How can One Vision Health help?

If you like the sound of Google Ads Grant, but don’t realistically think you and your team have the time and resource required to make successful use of the program, at One Vision Health we would be happy to help. If you’d like to discuss this further or find out more, get in touch with us today.


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