Video Marketing: Building trust and growing leads beyond YouTube

Article by Sam Beavan

aside-icon Sam Beavan
It has never been easier to communicate but it is harder than ever to connect. When Snapchat, one of the biggest technology valuations of our age, builds its model of commerce on messages that are not only transient but vanish, we have to question whether the ease of communication is now outstripping consideration of what we send.


Maybe it’s a fad, maybe it’s not but all good relationships are built on trust and respect and navigating the wilderness of online content and separating fact from fiction has never been more important given the enormity of content and messages we are now expected to digest daily.  Content needs to be considered as well as trustworthy.  This is particularly true in healthcare and health information where incorrect advice or misinformation can have far reaching and serious consequences. What can you trust and where can you trust?


The internet is no longer in its infancy and businesses are struggling to adapt to the changing demands and expectations of an ever more fickle and distracted audience. People want options, they want accurate information that is specific to them and they want it quickly.  Traditional models of digital marketing do not work on their own and building a relationship with an audience is the only way to go.


The hype around video is not new but using video beyond Skype or YouTube certainly is, especially in healthcare. Companies that want to give themselves the edge and value the importance of trust and nurturing a relationship to attract quality leads from patients that come to them understanding them and their business is powerful. Healthcare businesses that build video thought leadership into their wider marketing and integrate this at scale within their campaigns and online properties are reaping the rewards of a better informed, engaged and considered patient.


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