The Dead Web

Article by Farhana Shaikh


Friends Reunited announced the site is to close next month.

I haven’t logged into my account for years and didn’t even realise the site was still going but that got me thinking about the ‘dead web’ and how so much great (or not great) content is just sitting there, with no audience. Millions of abandoned blogs, Facebook accounts that nobody updates, twitter streams with no tweets since 2012. And plenty of Youtube videos with zero views. So how can we ensure that those hours we spend creating great content aren’t wasted and that we’re getting the most out of our content marketing?

Leading content marketer’s now insist on brands using their own channel to create and share amazing content. Do you know why? It’s because you’re in charge of the audience, and have control over your own content. Imagine when Facebook decided to start charging people to reach out to their own fans – the brands that forced to pay the premium to reach out to their own following were the ones without their own platforms because they were at the mercy of the social media giant. But those who had their own subscriber database, and their own web platforms could continue to reach out and speak to their audience without paying Facebook a penny.

There are lots of ways you can start building a following using your own website, and generate new leads for your business. One simple trick is to grow your mailing list by offering a free download on your website. It’s worth a go, and you never know how many new patients it might bring through the door.

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