Secure contact forms for healthcare

Article by Sam Beavan

aside-icon Sam Beavan

Data security is a concern for everyone. E-mail is quick, cheap and pretty reliable, but it is not secure. Most clinics, hospitals and GP practice simply won’t use it, but the ease and speed of data transfer make it ideal. You need a safe method of moving sensitive information.

You need a system you can trust.
Let me introduce you to 1 Cloud.

1 Cloud is a fully encrypted and secure transfer system for standard medical forms. You can specify what is on the form, confident that it will always be secure. Remember, if your data is vulnerable, then you are vulnerable.

Cloud 1 will allow you to send as many forms as you like for just £45 per month. A Social Care Trust in Northern Ireland was recently fined £225,000 for breaching the Data Protection Act and Computer hackers have stolen confidential details of nearly 500,000 patients at Harley Medical Group just this week after patients were asked to fill in an online form ahead of an appointment, with details including phone numbers, e-mail address and date of birth. This data was not stored securely and they are now paying a heavy cost.

The arithmetic isn’t hard.

But it isn’t just about money. Data security breaches damage the most important thing – patient confidence. If your patients can’t trust you to keep their data safe, then they simply won’t come to you – and they’ll tell their friends not to.

So for secure transfer of sensitive information, rely on 1 Cloud, the first guaranteed safe system designed specifically for healthcare professionals.


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