Pharma on social media: the time to engage is now!

Article by Sam Beavan

aside-icon Sam Beavan

Our Founder and CEO, Sam Beavan, features in the latest issue of Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology (IPT), a quarterly magazine providing coverage on cutting-edge ideas, concepts and developments shaping the future of pharmaceutical R&D. This month’s magazine contributions are focused on the hot topic of dealing with data and embracing social media in pharma.


Social media has, undoubtedly, transformed how industries approach public relations and marketing. For countless thriving brands, platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the bedrock of their success and how they function, given their influence and reach (not to mention their relatively low cost compared to traditional advertising).

However, for some industries, knowing where one ‘fits’ in or whether to partake at all is not always obvious, which is probably something many pharmaceutical companies have grappled with. After all, social media can seem so fast paced and open. A controversial tweet or ‘bad news’ story can go viral, reaching a global audience of millions within hours. For pharma, an industry so woven with rules and regulations, sensitive subject matter, and, frankly, not always the best of reputations within the public sphere, this all sounds just a tad too vulnerable a position to be in. Too out of control? These are all valid and important points. A business would not be running well if these issues were not acknowledged and given serious thought. However, approached expertly, social media is actually about gaining control and shaping how a brand is perceived both online and offline.

You can read Sam’s full contribution here. This article is taken from Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology January 2019, pages 12-13. © Samedan Ltd.


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