Growing Your Medical Practice

Article by Sam Beavan

aside-icon Sam Beavan

A practice that doesn’t grow is a practice that cannot thrive. You may have ‘enough’ patients, but what’s wrong with having ‘plenty’ or ‘more than enough’?

These days marketing advice centres around websites, but the idea that just getting more people to look at your website means you will automatically get more patients is a common misconception. Of course more people need to look at your site, but you have to say something that they want to hear in a way that they want to listen to.

Don’t focus on the number of visits to your site – focus on how many visits convert into patients. Website conversion, for a service provider like a dentist, is when a website visitor becomes a patient, and to achieve that you must persuade them to come in your door. To do that you have to stand out, be different from all the other local specialists that offer much the same service as you do.

Just having a flashy website won’t do it. Patients need to know what services you offer that others don’t; that you are cheaper; you have more modern or innovative facilities; that you have a treatment room set up just for children. This is where you can boast a bit.

Thanks to YouTube and the like, now your patients can actually tell them. Short videos, embedded in your website or linked to it, give them the opportunity to speak directly to your website visitors. It gives you the same opportunity, and this is where you can really stand out. People don’t buy from a table of figures or the picture of an actor. They don’t buy because they don’t know, and what they don’t know they don’t trust. Trust, in medicine is vital.

Innovate gently and be advantageously different. Stand out without shouting but make them trust you. The intimacy of what you do means that half of being a good specialist is your chair-side manner. If you can put that across then your investment in marketing will repay itself really quickly.


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