• CLIENT :University Hospital Of South Manchester
  • PROJECT :Medical App development
  • MARKET :Surgical Training


Like lots of hospitals, University Hospital of South Manchester (UHSM) was struggling with the knock-on effects of outdated tech and admin systems being used to track the progress of trainee pulmonary specialists in the North East.

The spreadsheet systems relied upon to record case data for multiple medical procedures, carried out across numerous locations and years, simply did not meet the demands of the mammoth task in hand, resulting in frustration and inefficiencies.


  • Replace spreadsheet filing system with automated cloud logging and reporting system
  • Enabling trainee records and qualification certificates to be transferred between hospitals
  • Time-saving through sophisticated advanced reporting system
  • Self-registration feature enabling fast uptake


UHSM needed a radical new approach to data storage and management for its specialist trainees – one which would transform how their progress is recorded, and provide a far more user-friendly and time-effective experience all round.

EPassport – essentially an advanced, mobile and desktop-friendly cloud based logbook – has enabled them to reach these goals. In fact, within just four months of going live with the system in August 2017, they’d already reported significant time-savings and positive feedback from both the trainees and their supervisors.

So how does it work? Each trainee gets a unique lifetime EPassport profile, which they can access from anywhere. The app dashboard is designed to make the processes involved as simple as possible: trainees can plot their objectives and training tests and procedure outcomes, with automatic progress checkers slashing the need to manually trawl through and collate their records, even issuing certificates once certain levels of competence are reached.

It allows for speedy information-sharing and better communication between trainees and supervisors too. For example, summary reports for review can be produced at the click of a button, plus supervisors can leave feedback, or issue requests for follow-up meetings or share additional training material and knowledge tests, with an inbuilt messaging system and automated ‘prompt’ alerts ensuring users are aware when new items are posted to their profile.

Designed to operate at local and national level, the EPassport system can be easily configured to suit the specific requirements of different medical fields or workflows. For the trainee pulmonary specialists at UHSM, there’s no looking back.


  • Beautiful user-friendly mobile and desktop web application
  • Removal of clunky admin enabling more accurate assessment with automated records
  • Can be quickly scaled and replicated for new specialisms across multiple NHS hospitals
Dr Matthew Evison

UHSM :Video Testimonial



“At the heart of it, they have built an exceedingly good looking platform, that looks good and is easy to use, that trainees like, that they can use on a mobile version. They have been exceptionally helpful and bring a level of expertise to the project.”

Dr Matthew Evison

Consultant Chest Physician, UHSM