• CLIENT :Specsavers
  • PROJECT :Video Marketing
  • MARKET :Optometry & Audiology


Well recognised as an optical retail chain, for British brand Specsavers Optical Group Ltd, challenges revolved around standing out from the crowd, and helping them become as recognised for their hearing care services as their leading eye care.

With ever-growing focus on digital marketing, Specsavers UK needed to ensure they were not only moving with the times but keeping ahead of the game, and engaging with patients and audiences in new and imaginative ways.

Being positioned as a retail chain while also providing a range of healthcare services means communicating key messages and sometimes complex health information – in ways that capture Specsavers UK’s medical expertise, commitment to customer care and passion for accessible and innovative services – is of utmost importance.


  • Highlighting health issues through engaging video campaigns
  • Patient empowerment through video
  • Showcasing Specsavers’ brand authority in audiology
  • Highlighting Specsavers’ audiology services to new audiences


A new era of patient engagement was launched, with video – and a fresh, creative approach – at its heart.

One Vision Health worked closely with Specsavers UK to develop a creative vision that reflected the brand’s strengths and goals, and meant they were well positioned to deliver a range of engaging campaigns with promotion across their social channels.

These included two video education series and a web commercial. Interviewing their leading optometrists on camera presented ideal scope for personalising the brand and simplifying information around conditions and services, so that patients and visitors to their site could make better decisions concerning their eye health and treatment options. It also meant when National Eye Health Week came around, Specsavers UK had a bank of engaging, informative and shareable content ready to promote across their social channels.

Meanwhile, experts took a backseat for the web commercial we created to promote their hearing care services, which featured a family who’ve experienced first-hand the life-changing benefits of being successfully fitted with a hearing aid. Managing the project from research and planning through to production, editing and promotion, the videos were used for targeted advertising through Facebook and YouTube.


  • Successful video campaign with over 1 million views
  • Increase in web traffic to Specsavers social media channels
  • Increase in social media engagement and subscription rates
  • Increased exposure of Specsavers audio services
Vicky Allen

SPECSAVERS :National Hearing Aids Campaign



“The content was excellent and we received a very fast turn around time. Very professional team.”

Vicky Allen

Digital Experience Manager: Specsavers UK