How much should I spend on SEO?

This really depends on the following factors:

  • Competition: How competitive is your market and how optimised are the other sites in your area. If there is less competition and the competitions websites are not well optimised for search then it is  likely it will take less work and budget to to get you to rank ahead of them.
  • Deliverables: How much qualified traffic do you need.
    • If you don’t require a large amount of traffic then it will not take as much effort.
    • A typical example would be a website that has a very high traffic to enquiry ratio for a business that has a very high value product. In such instances less budget would be required.
  • Speed: How quickly does this need to happen for you. Faster results require a higher initial spend but this doesn’t mean that with a higher budget you can get results in a few days as Google will want to see the results  and rankings improving gradually (naturally) over time.
  • Content assistance:  Are you are able to invest time in creating regular engaging and informative content.  Part of any good SEO agencies job will be to create compelling text, graphics, video and rich media content in order to build upon visibility online. If you are able to provide some of this on an ongoing basis this will also help to reduce costs long term.

ref:  SEO campaigns include activities onsite (the website itself) and offsite (the activites and links built offsite linking back to your site)

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